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    Posted December 22, 2015


A Historic 65-Year Backstage Tradition on Broadway

The tradition continues! Jeffrey Schecter garners the Gypsy Robe for Fiddler on the Roof

“To me, the Gypsy Robe, and the tradition itself, symbolizes an acknowledgement of the unsung heroes. It is very easy to acknowledge the principals in a show because they are so often featured. The ensemble characters sometimes have a little bit of that, but more often than not it is the ensemble member that truly creates something from nothing. The Gypsy Robe tradition not only acknowledges the ensemble members in a beautiful way, but goes further by acknowledging someone who has done it many times.  

Being presented with the Robe was truly an out of body experience. I was aware of the possibility that I might get the Robe, but to actually have my name read aloud was what I imagine it must feel like to hear your name called at the Tony Awards. Shock! And, to have it presented to me by a friend was just amazing. But more importantly, the support that came from my company was what put me over the top. The decibel at which they screamed was earth-shattering. Then, to chant my name as they surrounded me and held me in their arms was one of the most beautiful, powerful moments of my career. Nothing could’ve prepared me for how emotional I would get. I cried like my 4-year-old daughter. How I pulled it together to perform I don't know.”

Jeffrey Schecter

photo: Walter McBride


Name Jeffrey Schecter
Show Fiddler on the Roof
Theater Broadway Theatre
Opening Night December 20, 2015

About Jeffrey

Hometown Farmingville, New York
Broadway Debut Guys and Dolls (1992)
Professional Training “Most of my professional training — believe it or not — was hands on. I watched people I thought were brilliant and tried to soak up their talent. But things truly began when I was 16 years old and I met Broadway performer and teacher Jamie Chandler-Torns. I was recommended to her to replace someone in a dance competition she was choreographing. She took me under her wing for the next two years in her private dance company; I credit her with getting my dancing up to par to compete at a Broadway level. I studied acting and continue to coach with Joan Rosenfels in New York City. She coached me for Fiddler and — I booked it. I study voice with vocal coach Andrew Byrne. Again, whenever I have a big audition I coach with him.”
Year Joined AEA 1992
How I Got My Equity Card “My first professional job was on a TYA contract for Sesame Street Live; I played Ernie in a touring production called, Silly Dancing.”
Broadway Chorus Credits 6
Fun Fact “I started dancing after seeing John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. I used to mimic him. My dad saw me channeling my Tony Manero and challenged me to make up a dance. Shortly thereafter he got me work as a disco dancer in local restaurants and at weddings and bar mitzvahs (of course he was the DJ). Oh, and my stage name was “Jeff Crystar.” Terrible name.”

Moments from the Gypsy Robe® Ceremony

Jeffrey Schecter does the ceremonial three laps around the stage.

Jeffrey Schecter with the cast members of Fiddler on the Roof.

(Photos by Walter McBride)

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