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    Posted May 23, 2013

Actorsí Equity Association Announces 2013 Election Results

16 Members Elected to Serve on National Council

Sixteen members of Actors' Equity Association, the Union which represents more than 49,000 stage actors and stage managers nationwide, have been elected to the National Council, the Unionís governing body.

In the Eastern Region, six Principal seats and four Chorus seats were available; in the Central Region, one Principal seat was available; in the Western Region, three Principal and and two Stage Managers seats were available. All seats were for five-year terms except for one Chorus seat in the Eastern Region.

2013 Election Results

Eastern Region

Principal Five-Year Term
Jeanne Lehman
Linda Cameron
Kristen Beth Williams
Diane Nicole
Richard Topol
Jeff Williams

Chorus Five-Year Term
Allyson Tucker
Mark Aldrich
Scott Watanabe

Chorus One-Year Term
Jeff Applegate

Central Region

Principal Five-Year Term
Richard Shavzin

Western Region

Principal Five-Year Term
Robin Gammell
Nancy Daly
DeBorah Sharpe-Taylor

Stage Manager Five-Year Term
James T. McDermott
Linda M. Tross

The following candidates were NOT elected:

Eastern Region

Principal Five-Year Term
Mark Zimmerman
Jonathan Brody
Buzz Roddy
Scott McGowan
Tom Helmer

Chorus Five-Year Term
Stas Kmiec
Ben Liebert

Central Region

Principal Five-Year Term
Liz Pazik

Western Region

Principal Five-Year Term
Abner Genece
Aaron Wilton
Joshua M. Bott

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