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    Posted April 5, 2013

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Support CA Assembly 580

California Assembly Bill 580, the new legislative bill that would increase appropriations for the California Arts Council from $1M to $75M, will be formally introduced to the state assembly.

This bill's passage would have an enormous impact on the arts communities throughout the state. The funds from AB 580 would bring Californias per-capita arts spending up to 12th in the nation, or roughly $2.00 per person. The CAC is currently doing strategic planning to determine which of its programs would be revived if the bill passes.

Take a moment to send a letter to the author of the bill, Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian (fax or email a PDF of a letter). You can use the template below or write your own.

AB 580 Support Letter Template (copy and paste)


The Honorable Adrin Nazarian
Member of the California State Assembly
State Capitol Building
Sacramento,CA 95814

FAX: (916) 319-2146

Re: Assembly Bill 580
Position: SUPPORT

Dear Assembly Member Nazarian:

Thank you for introducing AB 580, we strongly support its passage. Since 2003, Californians ranked last among all the states in per capita investment in the artsallocating just three cents per person from the General Fund. AB 580 will leverage the arts as a proven and powerful catalyst for spurring local economies and for preparing Californias workforce to prosper in the global creative economy. The arts are a major player in our states economy, generating billions in total economic activity and fundamentally impacting Californias core creative industries.

Californias cultural enterprises provide:

  • More than 500,000 jobs for Californians or 7.6% of total employment
  • Californias non-profit arts specifically contribute:
  • More than $9 billion to the states economy

Additionally, the arts:

  • Are a key partner to the creative industries
  • Encourage creativity
  • Help prepare students and workers to compete in the 21st Century global economy
  • Attract creative workers and industries of all kinds
  • Stimulate the economy
  • Engage residents
  • Provide a sense of community, celebrating diversity and building bridges of understanding
  • Draw tourists and visitors

The arts are vital to the quality of life that we are so very proud of in California. Your legislation will provide a stable revenue source for the California Arts Councils granting programs to non-profit arts organizations, leveraging the arts as a significant contributor to California's economic recovery through tourism, job creation, social services, and educational outreach. AB 580 proposes a sound investment for California. Thank you for your commitment to a better California.



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