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    Posted August 8, 2012

Extra-Curricular Health Hobbies

By Melissa Robinette
Eastern Regional Vice President

After seeing the amazing abs of Patti Murin, star of LYSISTRATA JONES, I had to ask her what her extracurricular health hobbies were to maintain her Broadway Body. To my horror, Patti told me, "I may not be the best person to ask about this because before this show I didn't have any health hobbies. But because I got in such great shape during LYSISTRATA, I finally got motivated to keep it after the show closed."

WHAT?! I sort of wanted to hate her a little bit. I mean, did you see her abs?!?!?!? But alas, her Facebook status said she was at the gym for 2.5 hours so she could enjoy football food.

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I'm a newly found runner who also attends six to ten dance classes a week to keep me in shape. I also am extremely active because I think there is nothing worse than starting rehearsals and feeling like a bus hit you every morning.

One of Equity's newest West Coast residents, Tom Patterson, recommends good ol' weight training and some form of cardio five to six days a week. He says, "Outside of just wanting to look good, it gives me the strength and stamina to get through a demanding play or a quick rehearsal process."

This year marked Equity Member Melanie Kann's ninth marathon. She said she "has run around 20 half marathons." The fact she has run so many she has lost count blows my mind. Melanie also works at Weight Watchers and has worked an array of job functions: Group Leader, Group Facilitator, Program Development and Brand Ambassador. Due to Melanie's encouraging support of being healthy, she has been seen on the Dr. Oz Transformation National kick off show and last year, she got to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

A little over a year ago, Equity Stage Manager David Apichell made a serious choice to quit smoking. His extra-curricular habit was getting expensive, so after 20 years he decided to break it. On top of quitting smoking he decided he needed to make some life choices to make him happier. He started running. At first he couldn't make it 400 meters without stopping. But, thanks to baby steps and taking his time with it, he's now running a nine-minute mile.

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