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    Posted December 14, 2011

Health & Wellness

Staying Healthy on the Road

By Melissa Robinette - Eastern Councillor

We all do it. We all struggle with it. And we all want it without breaking the bank. I'm talking about keeping your health and your "Broadway Body" while working out-of-town.

I asked fellow members their advice about staying healthy while not going over the budget. Overwhelmingly everybody's first words were "farmers markets!!!"

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The first thing Equity member Christianne Tisdale gets when working out-of- town is the local supermarket's discount card because there are great bargains to be had. She also checks out the local massage schools.

I have gotten into the habit of using the shipping to and from theatres that we negotiate into the contracts for including all the kitchen things that I always need, always forget and cost too much to replace. I'm talking about shipping things like salt and pepper, spices, olive oil, a baking pan, my good knives, kitchen towel, my good cutting board, plastic containers with lids, wine and can opener. I take along some of my favorite kitchen items to help me feel at home.

You'd be amazed at what you can do with just a coffee pot. You can cook pasta and whole grains by brewing the water and putting them in a container with a lid and letting it sit for about seven minutes. If it's still a little al dente throw it in the microwave for a minute or two.

My favorite snack: brown paper lunch bag and popcorn kernels. Throw a handful of corn kernels in the paper bag, roll the top of the bag down a bit and microwave for about one minute and 30 seconds. Flavor however you want. You can find the bags in any store for about 50 bags for $1. The kernels range from $3-$10 but those will last you for a while.

Equity member and Holistic Nutrition Counsellor Farah Alvin suggests thick skin fruits like avocados, oranges and bananas are great for travel days because they have their own "container." She also highly recommends, "If you are in a hotel with a continental breakfast, GO! You can get a very well-rounded meal with only hard boiled eggs and fruit; it's not glamorous but it's nutritious and free." Another great idea she had was "while everyone is going out to the bar, get thee to a grocery or health food store! If you can't find fresh, find frozen. Aim for five to nine servings a day of veggies. It's better for your budget and health. We need to take care of ourselves first." Farah works out-of -town frequently and has clients on tour with WICKED and 9 TO 5 tours who carry a hot plate with pot and pan.

Equity Councillor James Ludwig recommends "taking dried fruit from health food stores. It's pretty bomb-proof but you need to be careful with what it's treated with."

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