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    Posted December 16, 2010

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Deputy Meetings Get New Format; Expand to Eastern Regions Outside NYC

Deputy Meetings in the Eastern Region are getting a new format, designed to reach out to more Deputies and to make the meetings as productive and informative as possible. With a goal to provide the same level of service to Members outside of NYC that has traditionally been provided to those Deputies in the New York City area, Staff and Board Members recently looked at ways to improve and expand these meetings. At the October 12, 2010 Eastern Regional Board, the following was approved:

  • RESOLVED to approve the recommendation of the Ad-Hoc Committee on ERB Deputy Meetings as amended to hold two annual meetings of New York City Deputies and three annual meetings of Eastern Regional Deputies outside of New York City, both with telephonic hook-up, and to review this process after one year.

  • In addition to two monthly NYC Deputy Meetings, the Eastern Region will be divided into three geographic areas: New England, Mid-Atlantic (including Virginia) and Southeast. Each area will have its own Deputy meeting. For that meeting, all Deputies of contracts in the area, plus the Liaisons in its cities can participate in a phone conference. Appropriate staff and Eastern Regional Councillors will be in the meeting in the New York office to answer any questions and field discussion. This is a great way to add value to your role as Deputy, hear announcements that you can relay to your casts and learn what is going on at other shows!

The meetings are scheduled as follows:

12/14/10: NYC Meeting

1/11/11: New England

2/8/11: Southeast

3/8/11: Mid Atlantic

4/12/11: NYC

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