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    Posted March 31, 2007

Diary of a Dance Captain

By Michelle Kittrell - Dance Captain, LEGALLY BLONDE

Michelle Kittrell

Week 14 &15 - Back in New York

We're back! After an incredible two week break (which flew by!), we all congregated at 42nd Street Studios to return to work. The creative team definitely continued working during the actors time away so we immediately began focusing on a few choreographic revisions as well as setting our bows (while in San Francisco, we had a very quick and to-the-point finale, so Jerry has 'spruced' it up a bit). As the days followed, a new scene was added as well as a new song. We did vocal clean ups and did some 'tightening' of various elements. There was no resting - we were in NY and close to performing on Broadway.

Diary Entries

I was asked to write a journal for Equity's website to explain what the position of Dance Captain entails from the ground up on a new Broadway musical. In my case, LEGALLY BLONDE.

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One exciting and somewhat unusual focus was placed on understudy rehearsal. What a head start that was! In about a week, we were able to teach the entire show to most of the understudies. Each morning was spent on this rehearsal where Mark, our Associate Director and Denis, our Associate Choreographer, prepared everyone with assistance by both Rusty and myself. As Dance Captains, It was even a great learning experience for us to solidify choreography and staging since so much has been evolving.

Since last Thursday, we have been in the Palace Theatre. What a day that was! It was exciting to meet up with the crew and all the folks that help get this show off the ground. The moment had finally arrived where we were really on Broadway! Since arriving, we have been teching the show again. There are a few differences between this theatre vs. the Golden Gate Theatre. There are slight changes with lighting not to mention the wings are much smaller here than in San Fran. It's a puzzle getting all of the set pieces in the right place at the right time and where to store them all. But all the kinks have been ironed out as we were ahead of schedule throughout the entire preliminary tech process.

As far as Dance Captain duties are concerned...we are in full force. The charting and 'Bible' making has begun. From the stage, I yell out numbers and spacing to Rusty and he writes it down. The first draft of the 'Bible' has been made. There, of course, continues to be changes with staging so the charts change as well. Let's just say, we use pencil and not pen to do this job! But the hardest part of making the charts is complete...and that's a relief. Now there is a reference for each' track' in the show. No matter if you are an ensemble member or a principal...we have each position written down. It's in a very large binder!

Now that we are back in the swing of things, I will be writing more frequently. Not to mention that previews will begin April 3rd..I'll write about that process soon.

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