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    Posted July 13, 2007

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It's Magic! Curtis Holbrook Receives Gypsy Robe in XANADU

Kerry Butler and Curtis Holbrook
Walter McBride/Retna

Curtis Holbrook is the newest recipient of Equity's Gypsy Robe, kicking off the 2007-2008 musical season on Broadway. The colorful garment was presented to Mr. Holbrook on opening night (Tuesday, July 17, 2007) at the Helen Hayes Theatre, recreating a time-honored tradition that began over 50 years ago.

Lavishly decorated with mementos from recent Broadway musicals, the robe is given to the cast member with the most Broadway chorus credits. Curtis has done five Broadway shows, including ALL SHOOK UP, THE BOY FROM OZ, TABOO, FOSSE and FOOTLOOSE.

Gypsy Robe Director Terry Marone welcomed the cast to the ceremony onstage, and introduced AEA Councillor Thomas Jay Miller, and Communications Director David Lotz. Two former robe recipients, Pi Douglass (SELLING OF THE PRESIDENT, JESUS CHRIST, SUPERSTAR, THE WIZ) and Peter Samuels (SECRET GARDEN, MARIE CHRISTINE), and Stage Manager/Councillor John Atherlay, were also acknowledged. A special "thanks" went out to X cast member Mary Testa, who performed at the Induction Ceremony for the Gypsy Robe and the ACCA at the Peoples Hall of Fame Awards two seasons ago.

Drum roll! Devin Richards, who garnered the robe in 110 IN THE SHADE, recited the rules and history before announcing the winner: Curtis Holbrook. Curtis rushed to the center of the stage, proudly donned the robe and circled the stage three times before visiting each dressing room to bestow the robe's "blessings" on Broadway's newest smash hit musical.

Devin Richards and Curtis Holbrook
Walter McBride/Retna

Cast of Xanadu
Walter McBride/Retna


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