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    Posted February 26, 2007

Diary of a Dance Captain

By Michelle Kittrell - Dance Captain, LEGALLY BLONDE

Michelle Kittrell

Week 11 - San Francisco

We did it! LEGALLY BLONDE officially opened in San Francisco on February 6th. It was an amazing night... and, afterwards, a fun party! The company definitely enjoyed the evening but not for too long as we had a matinee the following day. You might think that since we are now open that rehearsals stop and we get more free time…nope. After our two-show Wednesday, we followed that with our normal rehearsal schedule 1 p.m.-6 p.m. with a show at night. The company is tired but everyone is focused and committed to making the show the best possible...which means a lot of hard work (and we will be thrilled when we can finally sleep all day long!).

Diary Entries

I was asked to write a journal for Equity's website to explain what the position of Dance Captain entails from the ground up on a new Broadway musical. In my case, LEGALLY BLONDE.

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Besides the daily rehearsal hours, I (along with Rusty), Denis and Jerry continue to give notes. Rusty and I haven't begun working on our actual 'Bible' (a book that contains all the charts etc.) as everything continues to change and evolve. But we have plenty of notes with spacing, etc that we use as we are waiting until things become a little more 'frozen' before we begin the daunting task of notating the entire "tracks" of the show.

A special and unexpected treat was one of our female Swings, Lindsay Chambers, went on for two shows in a row. Unfortunately, one of our ensemble girls became very ill and, like a pro, Lindsay jumped in! She did a fantastic job, especially since she hadn't had any real rehearsal or a put in (a rehearsal dedicated to rehearsing the assigned tracks for the Swing or understudy). This is why it is so important to have Swings on the first day of rehearsal...which we did! I was happy to be by her side both in the dressing room as well as on stage giving her guidance with spacing for the musical numbers and staging. She did an amazing job!

We continue to rehearse almost every day and make improvements as we are trying to get as much work done before we travel back to NYC. I will fill you in on how our time in San Fran continues as we come to a closing night.

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