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McCarter Theater salutes Equity

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Lincoln Center salutes Equity

Laguna Playhouse salutes Equity

Walnut Street Theatre salutes Equity



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Strikers 72 dpi
Strikers 144 dpi

Ethel Barrymore

Ethel Barrymore 72 dpi
Ethel Barrymore 144 dpi
Ethel Barrymore 300 dpi

Equity Actresses

Equity Actresses 72 dpi
Equity Actresses 144 dpi
Equity Actresses 300 dpi

Equity Cover 1924

Equity Cover 1924, 72 dpi
Equity Cover 1924, 144 dpi
Equity Cover 1924, 300 dpi

Striking JOE EGG 1968

Striking JOE EGG 1968, 72 dpi
Striking JOE EGG 1968, 144 dpi
Striking JOE EGG 1968, 300 dpi