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Media may include taping, filming, audio and visual digital recording, streaming, or any other electronic or mechanic reproduction or transmission of an Actors image for use on television, radio, or the internet, whether for promotional or commercial use.

Every Equity Contract and Code has specific media rules which either prohibit or allow recording and its various uses. Visit our hyperlink Document Library for a full list of Equity Agreements and Codes.

The Equity Media Department accepts requests for media concessions that are not covered by the Contract or Code, and will administer a Media Agreement, if approved. There should always be something in writing from Equity if the Contract or Code does not allow it.

With the advent of the Internet and new digital media, Actors' performances have become even more vulnerable to exploitation. Equity continues to monitor new technology to develop new strategies that protect Actors' images and artistry, while providing theatre producers the ability to effectively market and promote their shows to continue employment for Equity members.



Dragica Dabo
Media Representative
212.869.8530 x 341

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