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Equity requires that its members, as well as employers, live up to their obligations under Equity Agreements. There are certain rules of conduct which all members are expected to observe as professionals, for the dignity of the acting profession and the welfare of all their fellow performers.

  • Do not rehearse or perform without a signed contract

  • Give your best possible performance; maintain performance as directed or choreographed; make no unauthorized changes in costume, make-up or hairstyle; take proper care of all costumes; and appear at curtain calls as directed

  • Be on time for rehearsals and the scheduled half-hour. Notify the stage manager before half-hour if you are ill or unable to reach the theatre on time. Observe the rules as posted on the callboard and fully cooperate with the stage manager

  • Consult the deputy or stage manager in case of disputes. If disagreements cannot be resolved by the deputy and/or stage manager, you have recourse to the staff, Equity executives, the Regional Boards, and, ultimately, to the Council

Equity rules prohibit members from working (with or without pay) for any employer who is not a signatory to an Equity Agreement or Code, unless Equity has given prior written permission. Typical considerations include performances produced by a religious institution or for those necessary to fulfill academic requirements for a matriculated degree-granting program.

Working without benefit of a contract is a serious breach of your professional responsibility, and is subject to disciplinary action. Working without a contract seriously diminishes Equity's ability to stimulate professional work opportunities, undercuts all other agreements, creates unfair competition, and is ultimately detrimental to the welfare of all the members. Should you have any questions regarding this very important rule, immediately contact Equity.


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