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Who was in the room when I auditioned?

I am unable to get to an audition early in the morning to sign up for an appointment time. Can I give my Equity Card to my wife/husband/son/daughter/mother/father/boyfriend/girlfriend to sign me up?

There is an audition for an Equity Theatre listed in Back Stage (or another trade publication) but itís not on Casting Call. Why is that?

Whatís the difference between an Equity audition and an ďOPENĒ audition?

Why canít I use my cellphone, talk or vocalize loudly on or near Equity audition lines? Why canít I eat/drink coffee in the New York Audition Center?

Iím not an Equity Member yet. I heard that I can go to EPAs and Chorus Calls and just hang around until the Equity actors are finished auditioning, and then I might get seen. Is that true?

I was in the NYC Equity Audition Center and saw an audition notice on the bulletin board. When I checked it on Casting Call, the audition date was different. Which one is right?

I know that sign-up sheets for Chorus Calls go up one week before the audition in NYC and LA, but if the call is taking place on a Saturday (or, if one week before the ECC, the Equity Office is closed), when will the sheets be posted?

I saw a notice for an Open call on the board at Equity and on Casting Call, but in only some of the trade papers. Why is that?


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