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I’m not an Equity Member yet. I heard that I can go to EPAs and Chorus Calls and just hang around until the Equity actors are finished auditioning, and then I might get seen. Is that true?

Sort of. Future Equity Members are welcome to attend Equity auditions as our guests, but the producer (or casting director) decides whether or not future Members will be seen at any given EPA or Equity Chorus Call.

If the casting personnel wish to see these performers, a sign-up sheet will be posted for them. During the day, whenever there are no Equity Members auditioning or waiting, the Equity Audition Monitor will call names on the future Members’ sign-up sheet in order, and then bring these performers in to audition. If you are not present when your name is called, you must sign up again at the end of the list.

Yes, this means that you may have to wait quite a while to be seen at an Equity call. You might not be seen at all, depending on casting personnel’s wishes and the popularity of the call among Equity Members. Still, Equity’s audition system benefits future Members as well as Equity Members, by providing audition opportunities that might otherwise not exist. When you become an Equity Member, you’ll be able to take full advantage of all of these opportunities.


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