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"Be Free & Imperfect"

--- Barbara Deutsch - Career Coach

By Tom Miller
Director of Outreach & Career Development

On Wednesday June 22, 2011 Actors' Equity Association hosted a Career Development Workshop featuring Barbara Deutsch, Career Coach and Mentor. The Workshop provided tools to help navigate through industry challenges.

Barbara spoke in depth about authenticity as a castable attribute. She asked "Can you find the courage to be free, imperfect and weird; then whether you get the job or not, know you represented your true self and not a demonstration of what you think they wanted?" She discussed how we unduly raise the stakes of an audition, making negative assumptions when we walk in and find the person we don't want to be there is there - with their arm around the casting director. Barbara recommends noting when situational behavior leads to a negative presumption - this awareness will aid in understanding that a particular reaction or behavior is often not grounded in fact, but based in fear and low self esteem. Can you "intervene and know you will be good no matter what?" The question "Tell me a little about yourself?" is often heard as a judgment and interpreted as "what haven't you done?" We sometimes forget that people may like us and not care about our resumé. When you read a script and decide, "I'm not right for this" is the conclusion based in something tangible or motivated by self doubt? Ultimately, when you feel doubt or uncertainty in your thinking, acknowledge it as the manifestation of fear and know that through self awareness you can shift fearful situations into satisfying experiences.


Don't Be Casual in Thoughts or Actions

  • Ask for what you want - be brave
  • If you are not embarrassed by what you don't know or have - you can ask for anything
  • Things happen through enthusiasm
  • Don't sell yourself short.
  • Stay connected whether you are working or not

Free Yourself

  • Perfect may get you a callback, but being free gets you a job
  • When you are asked a question, you are not on the witness stand, take a moment and find your breath
  • The person who is free will have a great time
  • Know your obstacles - your Achilles heel

As a benefit of membership, Actors' Equity presents free educational Workshops and Seminars for Members and Membership Candidates. The event was sponsored by the Eastern Region Membership Education Committee, Chair Mark Aldrich.

For more on Barbara Deutsch visit her website at


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