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Using Casting Call

Casting Call allows members to search for theatrical job notices in a simple three-step process.

Step One

From the Casting Call Search Menu, choose one of four search options: New Postings, Stage Manager Notices, Photo/Resume Requests, or Auditions.

Audition notices are divided by region, and may be limited by using a combination of contract type and/or call type. Or you may simply select a region to display all notices for that region.

Audition Search Sample

All other search types are self-contained, and contain no additional search options.

Step Two

After you select your search option, the results will be displayed summarizing notices that match your criteria. To view the details of a particular notice, click the more link next to that notice summary. If there are no matches, a message will be displayed.

Step Three

After clicking the more button of a notice, the details for that notice will be displayed. This page also contains links to MapQuest, and character breakdowns (where applicable).

Step Four

If a notice has a corresponding breakdown, you may view the breakdown by clicking the link from the detail page (see sample above). The breakdowns will appear in a new browser window.


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