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The Equity Audition Center in NYC
Photo by Tom Huba

Employers must hold separate auditions or interviews for Equity performers. In New York and Chicago, Equity maintains audition studios that are available for rental. Casting information is available on area hotlines and bulletin boards in Equity offices. In October of 1998, Equity launched Casting Call, a Web-based search engine of Equity job notices.

Equity contracts explicitly prohibit all forms of discrimination based on race, creed, gender, age, disability, national origin or sexual orientation. Equity is committed to equal employment opportunities for all members, and encourages and promotes a casting policy known as Non-Traditional Casting. Non-Traditional Casting is designed to increase artistic options by expanding casting opportunities for women, actors of color, seniors and actors with disabilities in roles where race, gender, age of the presence or absence of a disabililty are not germane.

Please refer to the actual Agreement, or contact your regional Equity Office for details



Audition FAQs

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Andrea Murray
Audition Center Director
Eastern Region
212-869-8530 ext 301

Emanuel Rios
Member Services Coordinator
Central Region

Shay Garber
Audition Center Manager
Western Region

The Equity Audition Center in New York City is available to producers and casting directors. Click here for more info...

The Equity Audition Center in Chicago is available to producers and casting directors. Click here for more info...

More information coming soon on our NEW North Hollywood Equity Audition Center.

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