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Supplemental Workers' Comp Insurance

What is Supplemental Workers' Comp Insurance (SWCI)?

Supplemental Workers' Compensation is an added benefit, provided by the Equity-League Trust Fund that supplements your employer-provided Workers' Compensation policy. It provides for additional weekly salary if you are collecting Workers' Comp, subject to certain caps.

Note: To be eligible to receive Supplemental Workers' Comp, you must file the complete paperwork for SWCI within twelve months of receiving your first disability check from Workers' Comp.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance generally pays 66% of your salary up to a maximum benefit. This is actually determined on a state-by-state basis, so there are differences in the maximum rate, and some states average your salary over a longer period than others to determine your benefit. Also there is a waiting period of one to three weeks, again determined by state law. If your lost time is less than the waiting period, you get no Workers’ Comp disability benefit. If your lost time exceeds the waiting period, Workers’ Comp will retroactively pay the full period.

If you are injured while performing, the Fund will pay you the lesser of 100% of your weekly salary, or 75% of the current Production Contract minimum weekly salary in effect at the time of your injury (less any amount you are receiving from Workers’ Compensation or other Occupational Disease Laws).

For example, a performer was earning $1,000 per week and after an injury was receiving $550 per week from Workers’ Compensation. The performer could receive up to $1,000 from the Supplemental Workers’ Compensation Plan and Workers’ Compensation combined, or $450 from the Supplemental Workers Compensation Plan. ($1,000 is below 75% of the Production Contract minimum for this example, so the performer will receive the full 100% of salary).

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