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Eric J. Little

I finally joined Equity this year [2011]. I say finally because I've been working in professional theatre for close to 10 years now. The process started for me when I was in graduate school studying acting at Louisiana State University. We worked on a professional stage with Equity actors all the time and that's when I started really learning about the union and its benefits. So, eventually I got that $100 to start my EMC process and I was off. I continued to work and collect points. Then I started having conversations with other actors and casting directors about when to join, what would be the right time, etc. I think that slowed down the process of joining for me. I knew I wanted to join but I just didn't know when. I still kept working and collecting points and then one day I looked up and realized I had enough points. So, I decided to join. What do they do on my first Equity show? Make me the Equity Deputy. But what made this year sweeter was that I just won an award for a role in Superior Donuts, which was also one of my first shows as an Equity actor. And it was presented to me by an officer of Equity. So once again, finally, I can say I am proud to be a member.


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