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Updated May 19, 2014

The 2013 Lucy Jordan Award goes to Richard Connema

Go to an opening night — any opening night — in the nine Bay Area counties and you will more than likely find 88-year-old Richard Connema and his partner of 50 years, Eddy Chambers, in the audience. That’s why, on April 28, 2014, the 2013 Lucy Jordan Award was awarded to Connema.

The Award was started in 1992 to honor the legacy of Lucy Finney Jordan, a former ballerina and chorus “gypsy” who, for many years, was the “face” of Actors’ Equity in the Western Region as the union’s outside field rep. The award is given to those who demonstrate “a lifetime commitment to the theatre and especially, helping other theatre artists.”

They've jokingly referred to themselves as "those Muppet guys" — the two elder, gentlemen critics in the Jim Henson oeuvre who were known for their critiques followed by hearty peals of laughter. The two men’s assessment isn’t that far from the truth.

For many years, Connema has been giving voice to the Bay Area corner of the theatre world on the San Francisco section of Talkin' Broadway. His critiques are notable in that his observations draw upon nearly 80 years of theatergoing and moviemaking. A typical review might reference the original production as well as the film, thanks to his years working at MGM and Warner Brothers.

Although he invokes his personal history within a piece he’s written, he never dwells in the past. But rather, he uses his experiences to place art into a meaningful context. Most importantly, Connema is one of the tactful few who manages to write critically of art without being unkind. Like a show or hate a show, he never fails to recognize — and honor — the amount of hard work that goes into a production.

Meanwhile, he and Chambers, the indefatigable pair that they are, never miss an opening; the duo come armed with smiles, the occasional martini and Chambers’ ever-present camera. The photos he takes of beaming actors usually wind up on Connema’s active Facebook feed as he sends word out about the shows he has seen, seemingly doing quite a lot in social media for small productions.

When it comes to how many plays Connema thinks he has attended:

“From the time I retired from Warner Brothers, [I have seen] around 1000 plays in the Bay Area, not including New York City, Los Angeles, London and Paris. Last year, maybe three plays a week. Sometimes there have been five straight plays a week."


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Lucy Finney Jordan began her career as a ballerina and danced as a musical chorus gypsy. She met Glenn Jordan, a Stage Manager, and fell in love, becoming a wife and mother. Later, when Glenn became a producer, she wore the hat of Associate Producer for the Los Angeles Civic Light Opera. When Glenn passed away, she knew she still needed the theatre in her life, and applied and was accepted for the position of Field Representative for the Western Region of AEA.

Lucy Jordan was a friend, advisor, and confidante to principals, chorus and stage managers alike. Whether at auditions, first rehearsals, opening nights or membership meetings, her office was open to all; and her home phone number was given to, and used by, many who needed to resolve an emergency or seek an opinion. For many people in the Western Region, Lucy Jordan was the face of the union. Ms. Jordan died on May 15, 1992 and this award in her honor was created that same year.

Recipients of the Lucy Jordan Recognition Award are:

    • 2017 - Michelle Polgar, Managing Director of the Mary Moody Northern Theatre at St. Edwards University
    • 2016 - Jay C. Sarno, San Diego arts leader
    • 2015 - No award given
    • 2014 - Mary Lou Westerfield, AEA Western Regional Director/Asst. Exec. Dir.
    • 2013 - Richard Connema , theatre critic
    • 2012 - Glenn Bruner, stage manager
    • 2011 - Connie McMillan, theatre supporter
    • 2010 - Lynne Soffer, actress, acting coach, teacher, and dialect coach
    • 2009 - Diane Ronneberg, wardrobe mistress and dresser
    • 2008 - Christopher Comte, Membership Director, Seattle Local AFTRA
    • 2007 - Rick Starr, Hollywood Sheet Music
    • 2006 - Don Toner, Managing Artistic Director/ Producer of the Austin Playhouse
    • 2005 - Dirk van Allen, actor and tireless theatre advocate
    • 2004 - Gordon Davidson, Artistic Director and Producer of Center Theatre Group
    • 2003 - Joseph Ruskin, Actor & AEA Councillor
    • 2002 - No award given
    • 2001 - Dr. Barry A. Kohn, Director & Physician of the Actors’ Fund Free Clinic
    • 2000 - Shawn Newmann, Western Regional Board Secretary
    • 1999 - Gary Marthaler, member of the Wardrobe Union
    • 1998 - Frank M. Young, Founder, President and CEO of Theatre Under The Stars and Executive Director of 5th Avenue Musical Theatre
    • 1997 - John Cauble, Signatory for Guest Artist for Universities
    • 1996 - Patricia MacDonald, House Manager of the Doolittle Theatre
    • 1995 - Tom Rolla, Gardenia Night Club
    • 1994 - Keith Stava, San Bernardino Civic Light Opera
    • 1993 - Howard Caine, Actor
    • 1992 - Iggie Wolfington, Actor & AEA Councillor Emeritus

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